Travel to US Virgin Islands on H1B without stamping


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I am planning a vacation to US Virgin Islands in December' 13. I do not have a valid VISA stamp on my passport, I have my H1B till 2016.


Do I need a valid stamping to travel to US Virgin Island and be back, are they going to check the VISA when am back in the US? Has anyone does this before, please advise

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hope u familiarize urself with USVI vs BVI before u'll leave..(I have to say it as u are asking about "reentry" from USVI to mainland)


trip all the way to USVI but not BVI is an incomplete ignorant ferri operator or yatch captain might accidentally let you in to BVI..

If a person goes to the British Virgin Islands and then back to the US Virgin Islands, that of course would be entry to the US, which would require a visa.

Always make sure to stay on US soil if you don't have a visa.

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