Calling recent successful stamping @ Toronto who works in EVC model


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Hi All,


Please respond to this post for recent successful stamping(with and without 221)  @ Toronto consulate who works in EVC model. I work in EVC model and planning to go for stamping in November at Toronto conculate. Please respond with timeline and your overall interview experience.



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I had my Interview on Oct 7th and it was approved. yes VO's are mainly concentrating on your course work of master's degree. I did master's in US with majority of courses in Computer Sciences so I was able to defend myself of working in IT field. Apart from that it is straightforward.


I am in EVC model, this is my H1b renewal. 1st stamping was done in Hyderabad(my case was put under administrative processing since my old client sells the software that comes under TAL). So I was but worried this time, but I was confident, since my field is not under TAL(Technology Alert List)  there is no need to worry.


So be prepared to detail ur Project and current duties. VO was a chinese lady, she just looked at my last year's tax returns(that too because her computer was slow and she wanted to ask something). I got the passport oct 11th and right now I am back in US.


On the positive side, I saw many approvals and few pink slips(221g. Frankly on that day I saw many of them applied for Visiting Visa's, so it may be for them) while waiting for my token to be called. So be positive and Best of Luck. I hope everyone else who are stuck there get thier Visa's soon.

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Thanks Aqua52 and Renquiry for your response. I am sure that your response makes me more confident and will make others more confident too who falls in same situation.

By any chance, any of you see or know any family with US citizen kid in Toronto consulate. I have read online that Toronto consulate is not allowing US citizen kid with their applicants parents.
But, As per Toronto consulate website you can bring your minor child with you. Minor children of applicants with a scheduled appointment are permitted to enter with their parents.http://toronto.uscon...applicants.html


So I am little concerned on that end.

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