LCA with A state and Residing in B State


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Hi Experts,

Greeting to everyone..!!!


I am in a very complex situation today and need your suggestion on this:-


I was working with employer "X" in GA State and got a new offer in OH state and my new employer has stated that LCA has been approved for OH location and got H1B receipt as well. So I relocated in OH to join my new Employer "Y". After joining new employer, I requested a copy of my LCA to keep with me and found that they have filed an LCA for incorrect location for a different state and same has been mentioned in my H1B transfer petition and my employer is decuting Taxes for OH state only. Now I have already got my lease and everything done in OH state and stopped going to client office and working from now. 


I am worried if my status will be affected due to this? My employer has told me that they will get a new LCA as well H1B petition modifed. 


Kindly suggest me if my status is in violation of anyDOL norms?

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