Admissions in USA for Architects


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I am looking forward to do masters in architecture. I did BARCH from India. I donot have any knowledge on what universities are good there. What is the minimum requirement for GRE and TOEFL and the universities do they really look for my portfolio. Any help would be grealty appreciated.

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Architecture in the U.S. is a limited enrollment professional licensure degree, with typically more students applying than are accepted into a program. There is an significant application process requiring examples from your portfolio, etc. and even an interview. Further, not many universities offer a Master of Architecture degree. A quick Internet search ("Master of Architecture programs in USA") found a listing of 102 schools in the U.S. that offer a Master of Architecture degree (which is a small number), and scanning the list shows that most are reputable public or non-profit private universities / colleges. For specific program and application requirements, including minimum GRE and TOFEL examination scores, you need to contact the schools and the applicable departments directly.

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