Vancouver passport return status --Oct 2nd week


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Hello All,


Thanks for viewing my post and special thanks to murthy forum for all the valuable information & discussions related to H1B visas.


Just wanted to share my recent visa interview experience at Vancouver consulate on Oct 10th.I assume many of you might know and was discussed many times in the forums about the visa process in this consulate.Apart from this the interview with the VO went on with questions like who is your employer,how long have you been working and the end client details\job responsibilities provided with recent pay stubs and w2's.Overall it was a very nice experience and the VO was very pleasant while interviewing followed by golden words "Your Visa is approved" and provided with a instruction document on how to pick the passport.


Just wondering if anyone who has attended interview this week (Oct 7-11)has any updates on the passport pickup status and how long is the usual turn around time.Also a quick pointer here,i have attended the same consulate last year,so the previous way bill no in the CSC account is still showing up.Would it be updated automatically in CSC website after the new way bill no was generated??,please advise.


I wish all the future aspirants and who were currently waiting for the passports all the very best & good luck.




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I had interview on the 10th Oct and same scenario here. Still showing the previous loomis no. Last year I went for the interview on Thursday morning (just like this time) and got an email at 9:30pm on Friday from loomis along with the tracking link. Hoping the same will happen this time. So watch out for an email soon on Friday from Loomis and you should get the tracking link and the loomis link in CSC should be automatically updated

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One of my friend also attended interview on Oct 10, 10 30 AM. His visa is approved. He got the email from loomis to pick up the passport in the next few days. But he told that Monday is a holiday in Canada  ( Thanks giving day ) . So for Loomis, its a holiday. He has to wait till Tuesday morning to pick up the passport. Just wanted to inform you, if this might help you to reschedule your return flights.

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Thanks mygcps,my interview was at 10 AM.CSC website shows as Applicant Status:In transit and the updated waybill no.When checked in the Loomis website,they have a record of my package shipment.So expecting I can pick it up Monday.Hopefully you should be getting yours too shortly.


@Sree : The old way bill no from last year's appointment got updated automatically as well the status with the current one.

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