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I am from India and I already have MS degree from USA

I am in USA now.


I need to know, for studying again, Do I need to give  GRE or TOEFL exam again?

Better contact the University International department which you trying to get admission from before taking any test ,cause some universities doesn't require any kind test again If you already have a masters degree from any American University.

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When I took GRE, TOEFL they had expiration dates for those scores.

Ask your school DSO whether they need new scores or not.


Also check with the university department that you are planning to do your degree under as they may have their own requirements, especially with respect to the GRE.

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Make sure you don’t miss out because your TOEFL and GRE have expired – it is a good idea to apply for your next degree before the cut-off date, if you can, to avoid any problems. However, all is not lost if they have expired. Contact your university directly as some places of study will waive a TOEFL requirement because you have a previous degree from a US university. Check to make sure

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