Urgent Help needed on unheard fiasco during the citizenship interview


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Hi All.

            My wife has a citizenship interview today which she passed but during the interview when the officer was going over with her citizenship application again he asked her if she has ever been married and she said No by mistake. She applied for her citizenship about 4 months ago and we were not married then...we just got married a week back in the courthouse  and now today in her interview she said she is not married and she realized her mistake later today. 


Gurus, can one please help as to what should be done now? Do they verify everything again? or if she during her oath ceremony tell them that she has been married ....will that help?


Please help.


Thanks and God bless.

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Yes, I believe she will be able to ammend the petition at the oath ceremony. They do ask about any international travel since the interview or any other changes. She may also take an InfoPass and ask how she can ammend the petition. Don't stress that she, technically, was misleading during the interview. Just tell them that she got married recently and need to ammend the infromation.

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An amendment of an N-400 application in this fact pattern would usually be considered critical, not only because answers provided at the interview are testimony, but also USCIS will likely see the inconsistency given that I-130 and impending I-485 filing mentioned. One would likely be well served to consult with an experienced immigration attorney for specific legal advice.

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The real elephant in the room is whether she will be filing an I-130 to sponsor you right after getting citizenship. This is when the USCIS will likely take a closer look at her citizenship application to make sure there was nothing amiss. Also, I get your I-130 will be up for more scrutiny.

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