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Hello folks.


I went to Toronto,Canada 10\08 for the H1b extension along with my wife for H4, i got first stamping done in Chennai.


Below were the questions.


1.HOW are you related (to my wife)?

Ans: Spouse

2.What are you?

Ans: Programmer Analayst at *********

3. What is you education?

Ans: Bachelors in engineering also have masteris in Business administration

4.How long are you married(to my wife)?

Ans: 4 Yrs

5,Any kids?

And: No not yet

6 Level of education( to my wife)?

Ans: Bachelors in engineering


Looked into his machine for a long time and the he said we need to further review your application, we will contact you by email and handed me 221g yellow.


I asked below.


what type of processing?

Cant tell you now.


How long will it take?

Not sure.



I am currently blank now and out of ideas on what should be my next steps to approach this situation. I will really appreciate your inputs here.


VO did not take any documents other than my 797 and my wife's.



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