Successful stamping in Ottawa. My Experience


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No additional documents were asked from me. Just 797, ds160, passport, and one photo were taken while giving the token.


Interviewer just asked me few questions.


Q: What is your job role?

A: I am a programmer analyst with the specialty of SharePoint Development.


and explained my roles


Q: Are you a direct hire by your employer?

A: Yes

Q: So you are working for a financial Client?

A: I am working for


 Bank. It is Financial. 


Q: How long have you been in US

A: 5 y 8 m


Q: What is your educational background ?

A: Gave Masters and Bachelors info


Q: Did you work for Indian Government before like in military?



Q: Did you work in India after your bachelors?


A: No. 


Q: So you got F1 immediately after your bachelors and came here and been here ever since?


A: Yes


Checked some files in computer and scanned my DS-160 bar code.


Q: Ok. We need to get some files from USCIS, Its not your fault or our fault. It is just like that. So your passport will come to LOMIS in 3-4 days. Please plan your traveling accordingly. 


And gave the tracking info sheet and i797 back.

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Hi Anji, Congrats... My experience is pretty much similar.

VO asked me few questions regarding stay in US, education and job and told me I need to wait for extra couple days to get the passport. 

I noticed him circling 'PIMS' in the form and told me this happens all the time and I will be receiving passport by this weekend so that I can travel back by next week. He handed back info sheet and I797. 

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I got the same reply. For me the VO said that he has to get clearance from DHS as he didnt receive it yet. and said it will take 3-5 days or by friday. My interview was at 10AM. I checked my status now and it said ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING.


Give me a call or email me *********. Email in the profile. 

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