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Hello all,


Would going from an EC model to an EVC model have any negative implications on visa stamping? The reason for my question is that I have been handed a 221G and petition sent back to USCIS under EC model. Since it is meaningless to wait, I'm exploring other options, most of them are EVC. The client is unchanged.


If all the documents are in order and both E and V are 100% genuine, what are the changes of visa approval?


Your advice is appreciated.




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@ kumar_y


I agree that EC is defintely more preferable option and I'm also looking at an alternate EC setup. At the same time, EVC cannot be refuted if all the players are genuine.


@ omshiv


Yes, I need to make sure every document is in hand before doing anything. By the way, would my current employer need to withdraw my existing petition (which is sent back to USCIS)? Is this a required prequisite for a new visa interview using a brand new petition? I read some posts where applicants were turned away and asked to withdraw pending petitions. Seems like a nuance!




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The way you are explaining is you want to add a layer (V).. Why you were given 221g? What were documents requested by VO? ...  Unless you withdraw the application you cannot attend the stamping interview again.. And than you need to file for new H1-B petition again. I just wanted to add one more point if you are thinking to apply for new petition with US gov shutdown they are not accepting any new LCA, PERMs or not even responding the cases either way you have to wait and watch. ( Just my 2 cents)

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