H1-b Visa interview @ Calgary Vs Vancouver - PIMS Update


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Hi All,


First of all thanks a lot for your time spending to share your thoughts and suggestions.

I have 2 questions regarding my upcoming H1 visa interview.


I am planning to go for stamping in Canada. I did my MS in US and then Switched to H1 B. My Second H1 is starting from this year oct 1st.

( First H1 got it only for 1 year , Month back h1 extension got approved for 3 years. I am on 2nd year of my H1). 


1) I am planning  to goto Calgary  for stamping  on  October 18th as i don't see any dates in Vancouver so far. 

I have all the documents and Client letter . I just want to know your guys thoughts whether Is it advisable to go to Calgary or Is it better to wait for 2 months and goto Vancouver ? Can somebody share their Calgary visa experience ? 


That would be really helpful for me .


2)My H1 extension has been approved in first week of September, and I am going for stamping on 18-Oct.Is this is reasonable time to get PIMS updated?Usually how much time it will take to get PIMS update ? If PIMS is not updated by the time of my interview then what will be happen ? 


Can someone please educate me on those questions?


Thank you all in Advance



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Ask your attorney to confirm with USCIS that your PIMS has been updated or not. I asked same questions to my attorney, they said we're doing for each and every case; doesn't matter it's h1b or amendment.They just have to send one copy to USICS for PIMS update.


I hope this helps.

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