Joining my brothers company for H1 & GC


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Hi advisers,

I had applied for h1 in 2013 quota in PP but it was rejected. However, my employer started my GC processing and filled my labor last week. But my paternal brother(same surname) who is a citizen here is willing to take me into his company. Please be informed that he is the only employee in that company and I would be the second one. So in this situation I have these considerations:

1. Can my brother file me a GC? there a option to transfer my labor under his company.

3. Since he's the sole owner of the company, what will be the situations while filing my H1? Would there be disadvantages going thru him

4. Please point out the criticality in this process(I know I have missed many crucial questions)

Appreciate Ur time and valuable suggestions!!


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To get a GC through a company you or a relative has a significant ownership interest in (>= 5%), an affidavit of support has to be filed by the relative.

There is likely to be a lot of scrutiny. Your relative should seek the help of a good immigration lawyer.

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