Current legal status and work authorization!!!

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Could someone please advice on the below.


- In Jan 2012, myself (principal) and my wife (dependent) applied the I-485

- In Mar 2012, my wife GC got approved but mine was not approved at that time

- In Feb 2013, her initial EAD expired and we have not renewed it since she already got GC

- In July 2013, USCIS sent us a letter as to return my wife GC back since it was approved by mistake before the principal applicant GC approved

- In July 2013, we returned her GC and I believe USCIS put her I-485 application status back to pending

- In Aug 2013, we applied for her EAD renewal

- In Sep 2013, my GC got approved

- In Sep 2013, Her H4 which she had before applying I-485 expired 

- Still we have not received my wife's new GC card or renewal EAD card yet


My Questions are:

1) What is her current legal status would be? GC holder or I-485 pending status? I-485 pending is real legal status?

2) Does she still have work authorization even though the EAD renewal not yet approved? we have not yet received any notice from USCIS as her GC privileges were removed after we sent her GC


Really appreciate your response.




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