Successful H1B stamping at Vancouver, Sept 25th


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Thank you Murthy forum for all the posts and experiences from different people. It gave me an idea of what to expect and what documents to carry. 


Please carry all the documents that are posted in this forum. You never know what the VO might ask you. Better to have them ready, for example resume, utility bills, pictures at your work place. These are not mandatory but from what I have read, some of the VOs do ask you to show these docs. It doesn't hurt to carry them. 


Do no take backpacks to the consulate. There will not be place to keep them. Small items like phones can be saved in the lockers but nor backpacks. 


As long as your documentation is in place, there is nothing to worry. Take deep breath and go in confidently and answer to the point. Be honest. 


Here is how my interview went - 


VO – Since when have you been working in the USA?

Me – xxx years.


VO – when did you start working?

Me – xxxx, xxxx


VO – Can I see you employment verification letter?

Me – Gave him my letter


VO – What does xxx (your company do)?

Me – I  was explaining about it and then he stopped me.


VO – Show me your LCA

Me – Gave him my current LCA


VO – Where do you work?

Me – at xxxx in xx city, xx state


VO - What is your annual pay?

Me – xxxK


VO – Where did you study Master’s degree from? What major?

Me – xxxx


VO -  Where do you stay?

Me – xxxx (same city as my office's location)


VO – Do you have an end client?

Me – NO


VO – Whom do you stay with?

Me – With roommate


VO – I see xx license number. What were you doing there?

Me – I was in xxx on a project for a short while. 


VO – How do you deal with traffic going down Highway xx 

Me – I live nearby my office

VO – that’s a better idea!


VO – Your visa is approved. Follow the instructions to collect your passport (gave a sheet with the instructions to collect my passport at the loomis office)

Me – thank you officer. Have a good day!


This is how my interview was. The officer in my counter was asking questions in detail. He made me stand and looked into his system for quite some time (2 mins or so). I think he was reading my DS 160.


I hope this helps someone.

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