F2 to F1 Stamping in Canada


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My wife is on F2 status in USA, She got admission into a state university. i know she can apply for COS here, but COS is taking 4-5 months and her classes starts from Jan. Can she go for f1 stamping to Canada?in any case if f1 is denied can she come back to US on her valid F2 status?

COS take around 2.5 months. I do not think she can enter without a F1 visa. Check the 4th Q&A from bottom.



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Get her an appointment in Mid December. You do realize the COS will only be applicable up to 30 days before classes start and hence they will only approve it up to 30 days before classes start. If the COS say does not come by Mid December she can go and get her F1 visa.

Thanks for the info...


So, she can go to Canada in mid December?

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