140 without original PERM document


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My 6th year expires end of October (next month end) and labor was filed December 2012. Got approval in april this year with no original approval document.


My employer filed i-140 in regular processing in august with request to USCIS to obtain original PERM copy from DOL.  Anyone experienced this or heard about? How much delay could this cause to my i-140 approval.? Since 10/30 is 6yr cut off for me, we are trying time capture and if approved I will get ~3 more months.I am hopeful but chanes seem slim to get 140 approval before 01/2014.


Also, can someone comment on whats needed for time capture (I gathered so far - i-94, date stamps, itinerary etc.) and chances of getting approval for full period requested.


Any help is highly appreciated. I am reposting this (posted in PERM) here hoping to get any replies.



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