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I appeared for my H1B visa interview on 07/23/2013. I am on EVC model and working for Govt. Client. Its my 7th year extension through my I-140. I was able to answer all of the questions by VO and able to provide all the documents whatever they asked.  but still they given me 221 g blue slip. Its been 65 days now, no response yet. 

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I appeared for visa interview on 25th June 2013 at CHENNAI -INDIA and I was issued Administrative
Processing Query(221g-Blue form).Its been more than 90 days, but I have not heard anything back from Consulate.VO collected I797, I129, LCA and Client Letter, but no verification done yet.I don't know what kind of processing they are doing.



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@san4u28 and @dtangg,


I appeared for the visa interview at Chennai Consulate. They didn't say any reason for 221 g. They simply told me that "They want to do Administrative Processing and this will take some more time to take decision on my case. They didn't give any timeline".


The below are the questions they asked me:


VO: Can I see your passport?

Me: given the passport to hm

VO: Can I see your petition papers?

Me: given the all my H1B papes (I-797, I-129, and etc..)

VO: Which Client you are working for?

Me: Answered

VO: Who is your employer?

Me: Answered.

VO: Do you have client letter and Can I see that?


He took all the above documents (H1B petition papers and Client letter). Then he asked me to wait for some time and some one will call me back. He returned my passport also back to me. Then I got call from another counter where an Indian lady was there. The below are the questions she asked.


She was having my H1B petition papers and the client letter which I given in other counter. 


How long you have been in US?

How long you have been with your current employer?

Have you visited your company(Employer) any time by person?

Is your employer paying on Time?

Do you have any issues or problems with your current employer?

Who is your previous employer and How long you were working for your previous employer?

Did your previous employer pay you on time and did you have any issues with him?


Who is your client and where they located?

Who is the Prime Vendor and How you came to know about them?

What is the project duration and when your assignments will be ending with your current client?


Can I see all of your I-797s right from the day one you stayed in US?

Can I see your W2 for the year of 2012?

Can I see your I-140 document?

Can I see your recent pay stubs?


She made copies of my previous I-797s, W2, I-140 and pay stubs. She returned my original documents back to me. Then She picked up a 221 g blue slip form and wrote the case number on it. She gave that 221 g to me and said that "We don't need any documents from you and we don't have any issues with you also. If we need any information or documents, we will contact you. We would like to go for Administrative Processing which will take some more time to make decision on your case. So you need to wait till we contact you back". That's all happened. Then I left from that place. 


After 3 weeks from the interview date, my client manager got email from USCIS about my employment verification. My client manager responded back within 5 days. After he responded to the email, he also got call from some one regarding verification of my employment with client. As per my client manager, he given all positive answers to them. Now its been 67 days. No response yet. Really don't know whats going on and whats taking them so long. 


Unfortunately there is no way to know the detailed status about 221 g case that whats taking so long. The only option is just to wait till they contact us.

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