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My H1 B expires in Nov, 2014. My company has started the process. I have a question regarding the green card processing.


Does Labor have to be approved before the end of 5 year period or does labor need to be filed before the end of my 5 year h1 B. Please clarify.



Labor can be filed at any time. It is no way related to your H1 since GC and H1 are different.

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Thank you. If labor is not filed by end of 5 yr period, what are other alternatives for me to stay in US?


Nothing..even if your employer files your Labor in the 6th yr..pray that your Labor approves soon and also your I-140 is applied in PP and that too approves sooner...else after 6th yr you'l have to stay outside US until I-140 is approved in order for your employer to extend your H1B (you'll be cap exempt)

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