Citizenship application prep work


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I got my permanent residency through employment back in April 2009. I have not been absent from the US for an extended period of time since my permanent residency (Except for 3-4 weeks vacations a couple of times during last 4 years). I understand that only in April 2014 I will be eligible to become US citizen  However, I am planning to visit Europe next Summer (May/June 2014) and it would be nice to have US citizenship before that so I won't have to get visas.

Is there any prep work I can do now to  become citizen as soon as I become eligible?

Does anyone have any checklist of documents required and/or the outline of the whole process?

Thanks in advance for your response.


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Hi JoeF,

Thanks a lot for your response. I am sure USCIS website may have all the information I need but, but would you happen to know if there is there any other website from where one can get step by step instructions and its easier to digest and follow in terms of all the documentation I might need and what all I need to file and by when.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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