H1B Visa got stamped in Vancouver 23rd sep


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Hi All,


Wanted to share my experience in Vancouver on sep 23rd.


My appointment was at 10:00, I reached consulate at 8. Security person asked me to stop by 15 Min's before appointment time.Stood in the line at 9:45, security checked my file and let me in. on 2nd floor, they did verified the file again and did body scan.Entered the waiting room and on left side of the room at Counter 8, we need to submit our documents(Passport, DS-160 Conformation, I-797 1st Page) and they will keep the documents with them to feed the data into system and will give us the token number.After waiting for 15 Mins, my token was called for scanning my finger prints on the right side of the room Counter 1. At this counter they will even give back your documents(Passport, DS-160 Conformation, I-797 1st Page) and will ask to go back, sit and wait for our token to be called for interview on 20th floor.After 20 Mins my token number was called to go to 20th floor. I moved towards lift and security accompanied us to 20th floor. Again waited for 5 Min on 20th floor and I was called to counter 5 for my Interview. 


 VO: Good Morning

VO: Which university are you from

VO: What's your major

VO: Who is your employer?

VO: How long you have been working with your employer

VO: Can i look you this year pay stubs &  2 yrs w-2's

VO: Asked for LCA

VO: Are you working for the same employer while you are in OPT

VO: Do you have end client?

VO: Which place your end client located?

VO: Can you explain your responsibility with client.

VO: How long you have been working with end client

VO: I am approving your Visa and gave me a while paper with Loomis instructions.





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Hi Varun,


Mostly this week interviews got cleared but one quick think make sure your driver licence is update with the city you leave most few office are asking question on that if not carry lease agreement papers. Email me if you need any suggestions




Thanks Vijay. I got my drivers license to current address. I don't have leasing under my name. Guess DL would do it. 


- Varun 

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Hello Vijay,

I have my interview on Oct 9th in Vancouver. I do not have DL, just got my learners permit and also shifted to new apartment and do not have any related lease docs. Can you please suggest me how to respond if in case VO asks me for my DL?



No problem, just tell the truth. DL is not necessary for the interview.

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