Regarding H1b filing with one company while working with 2companies


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Hello sir,


I have an issues with my H1b filing procedure and employment while filling it. I got offer for a full time(permanent) Job with 'x' company, and have a other job(contract) with 'y' company and am on OPt. i have 4 questions on this.


1. Can do two jobs each with 40hrs work on my OPT?

2. Company 'x' is not going to file my H1b and company 'y' assured me of filling my H1b next year apr '2014', can i        work for both employers while filling my H1b and after its approval?(As i don't want to loose the full time job)

3.  or is there any chance that if i get client letter from company 'x' which is offering me full time , i myself can file my H1b?


can you please reply me ASAP, as the offers are in my hands to decide and am in confused state.





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