PERM denial - CO Review Issue, Suggestion Needed


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7+ Experience in IT. H1B 2.5 Years left. My PERM was filed in Aug 12, EB3. Got Audit in Nov 12. Got denial in July 13. My employer is not sharing the audit/denial reason with me saying it is company confidential. 

Now my employer has filed Motion of review with CO ( certifying officer ) in July/Aug 13. They say this process is expected to take 18-36 months on an average. 

1) Is it really takes this long, 18-36 months for this review? How many chances ( roughly percentage ) to get this denial concert to approval? 
2) Is it legally allowed for my employer to start fresh and file PERM again? Is it worth forcing my employer on this ( Not sure employer will agree as they are not very supportive). Will new PERM result may get affected by the current denial? 
3) Is it beneficial if I change the job and my new employer file fresh Perm/GC? will this current denial may affect new company's PERM/GC? 

I am really confused what to do here. Should I wait or should I start searching for new job? Any help/suggestion would be very appreciated. 

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Find a new job.  You still have 2.5 years of H1 left.  Act fast.  Although the DOL will have access to the old PERM with reviewing your new PERM, I dont think the denial should have an effect on the new PERM.  Just make sure the case is strong and see if EB2 is possible.

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