Help Required - Special H1B case need an expert guidance


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Here is my background.
1. Got B1 VISA (very first time) in 2006. But, No US visit till now.
2. Applied for H1B VISA in 2007 (with AAA Company) and rejected.

3. Applied for H1B VISA in 2012 (with BBB company) and got 221g and then it petition returned to USCIS as BBB petitioner changed the project while submitting to OFC (USCIS mentioned the reason as LCA client name is different from current project)

4. Now, using the petition in 2012 (CAP exempted) H1B filed in 2013 (with CCC company) and the current I129 is approved. CCC company project is an in-house project.

My concerns are:
1. Which documents I need to get from my employer from my case?
2. What are the possible questions for VISA interview?
3. Any risk involved with my case? I want to mention all the details in DS form with utmost honesty.

Thanks, M.

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