2013 EB2-I visa exhausted?

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Does anyone know? Or could anyone confirm that USCIS has exhausted visa for fy 2013, therefore we are not seeing any approvals for the past two days?

Pls answer...I m restless...missed the bus this time too...EB2-I straight forward with one employer case but not lucky enough to get approved in the first 2 weeks of sept.

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What do mean?  File an I-485 adjustment of status because your priority date is now current?  You had previously filed an I-485 adjustment of status, but because of cut-off date regression was only pre-adjudicated, and now you priority date is current again?  You are filing a I-140 petition?


It takes a lot longer than 2 weeks once your priority date is current and your have a I-485 adjustment of status filed for approval.  It typically takes several months.

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