F1 to H4 appeal pending more than 6 months , what to do?


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Applied for h4 visa from f1 on feb2012. Student f1 terminated in august 2012.

Got h4 rfe on jan 2013. H4 denied on march 25th 2013.

Filled h4appeal on April 10th 2013. As of today on Sept 20th 2013, status still pending.

What is my status now... Pending or denied, as my appeal is under process.

What happens if I stay more than 180 days after my h4 denied, but appeal still under process?

What happens if my appeal gets denied? What are my option?

Is it better to leave country before 180 days (today)of h4 denied and get a new h4 stamped from home country?

F1to h4 denied after 15 months. f1 student terminated in August 2013, while f1 to h4 under process. Appeal pending since 6 mnth

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