Is J1 waiver possible without a 3 year contract


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Hi all!

I have just been told by my university that even though they are VERY interested in hiring me (and believe me, they are. They offered me the job last year!), a 3 year contract can not be done. Per the University's policy, only 1 year contracts are offered. 


Having been to multiple different lawyers over last 1 year and starting the job search process 1 year in advance, along with being paranoid enough to not make mistakes in this "godforsaken" process: I know that a 3 year contract is mandatory. 


Is there any other way of applying for a J1 waiver, without a 3 year contract? If not, is there a way that I can sell this to the Dean of the University? May be: "give me a 3 year contract, with a clause that if things are not so hot in early evaluations, the contract can be terminated"


Can the contract be worded in any different way without violating legal terms? 


This is a great position and also that my division chief "really" wants to hire me.. I am hoping there is a way to handle this.


Any ideas/suggestions are appreciated!



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As far as I know, duration of J1 has nothing to do with applying for waiver process. But problem with one year extensions is, if you get your waiver approved university can no longer extend your J1.

So, first get no-objection letters from your home country(this is the most-time consuming step). Before you apply for waiver talk to concerned department at university, if they can get a H1 if you get j1-waiver?

J1 comes with its own advantages, like tax benefits and your dependent is eligible for work (EAD).  Unless you have a specific reason, dont apply for waiver till end of 4 years on J1.

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