Motion against PERM denial


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I would appreciate if you could review my situation below and help me with the answers to the questions below.


My PERM was denied and the Attorney is going to file a Motion under Govt Error and expect that a decision will be received in 30 days. Even if the motion is not put under Govt Error, the Attorney says that the normal processing time for motions to be reconsidered is 60 days. So, in any case, a decision on the Motion should come in 60 days. If the motion gets forwarded to BALCA, then they would withdraw the case and re-apply PERM.


My questions.

#1. Whether the Motion is approved or denied, as per the current statistics, is it reliable to believe that a decision would come in 60 days time?


#2. What's the probability of this Motion getting approved? (my PERM was denied for reason of mis-matching qualification requirement. To give an example, PERM requirement said Bachelors in A, B. But I have Bachelors in C).


Thank you

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