H1 amendment and stamping client letter doubt


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Hi All,


I have moved from H4 to H1 and planning to apply for amendment and go for the stamping . So I have few doubts regarding it .


I am current working for the end client since Jan 2013 ,they are ready to give me the client letter but they wont be mentioning the project duration as long term or as 3 yrs , However my project is a long term one and for every three months my project gets extended . Mine is the EVC model so my vendor is ready to mention as long term in the letter ( my vendor is partner with the client as there is a offshore team who works for the client and according to the client I am vendors onsite employee who is the point of contact for offshore and works for the client ).


So what are the chance of H1b amendment approval if i submit the client letter where the project duration is not as long term , Any how my I797 is valid till 2015 .


And if I go for H1b stamping will they approve it for three yrs according to the I797 or else they would rely on my client letter.


Is it safe to go for the stamping in such scenario Please kindly advice me what would be the best thing to do 


Waiting for the reply as I am really in need of it.











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