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I have done my Masters in Computer Science and currently I am on OPT extension which is valid till 09/11/2014.


I am working with ABC company who is everified on contract basis for XYZ client(not everified).


My XYZ client is ready to file my H1B visa in April 2014 and hire me as a full time employee. I wanted to ask can XYZ company file my H1B though though they are not everified.


I really want to join my client as a full time employee so I will really appreciate if someone can guide me for the same.



Krishna Reddy

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Thanks JoeF for your reply.


My question is I want to join them as a Full time employee as they are ready for it and for the H1B next year but the only problem is company is not e verified and I am on OPT extension.


Can you please suggest me what will the best scenario for  me.


Thanks in advance!!



You cannot work for non e-verified during your OPT ext. So stick with ABC for now and join  XYZ on Oct 1st.

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