Passport return after submitting for Canada visa stamping


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Hi All,


I have applied online  Canada visitor visa on august 29 and I head back from CIC on September 16 asking me to send passport and I had mailed it on same day and they received it on sep 17. My us Toronto consulate visa appointment is on October 7. My question how long it will take for CIC to send my passport back and should I change my appointment date?



Karthik Kandra. 

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Hope this helps in planning your dates.


My canada visitor visa updates:


August 29th Got online submission confirmation.

September 16th passport request for stamping and send it on the same day

September 26th got passport back from New York Canadian consulate with stamping.


My advice send the passport to California consulate to get it back immediately with in 3 days.


Karthik Kandra.




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