H1B transfer when H1B extension decision pending


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My Situation is as below.


My last working day with her employer will be 09/27/2013. Presently H1 extension is in premium process from my employer. My I-94 got expired on 10-Aug-2013. I got RFE for H1 extension and my employer is responding to the RFE by mid of this week. Hopefully decision will come before her last date.

My spouse is also on H1B visa in USA.


1. In this situation If I transfer the visa to H4 now, is it possible to transfer again to H1B under cap exemption so that I can start working before 1st Oct - 2014?


2. If I gets a job before filing the H4, is it possible to file cap exemption H1B by the new employer before present petition decision comes?


3. If I gets approval for my present H1B extension petition after quitting my present job, is it possible to file cap exemption H4 to H1B without I797 copy of the present H1B extension petition?


Please help me..

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