Visa waiver program for H1 extension


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I have a question regarding my eligibility for H1 visa interview waiver program. Explaining my situation below - 

1. My last H1 visa was stamped in New Delhi in Oct 2012.

2. I completed my six years on H1 in June 2013 and my Green card was applied in my sixth year in September 2012.

3. I left US in June 2013, keeping a few days on my H1 and my GC Labor got audited and is still in pending status.

4. My employer has filed for my H1 extension based on labor pending for over 365 days.

5. Being optimistic and praying to god, i might receive approval in next few weeks.


I need to understand here,

1. whether I am eligible for the visa waiver program. 

I am with the same employer, and my last visa stamped is in H1 category only.


2. After I see approval online, how long it will take for me to schedule an interview, considering all the delays - receiving hard copy of approval, scheduling the appointment etc.


Your help is really appreciated!!



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