PD current & did interfiling . Can I get GC?


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HI Gurus, 



My PD is current & did interfiling 

Can I get GC from  Oct 2013 visa bulletin.


Here are my details


1 ) Did concurrent filing in July ,  2007 in EB3 from Company A.

2)  Applied labor & I-140 from Company B with EB2 using my A#

3) Got labor & 1-140 approvals ( EB2 ) of Company B with my old PD



4) Attorney told that no need to do interfiling EB3 to Eb2 ( it is Automatic )

5)Submitted SR to know why my I-1485 is not approved yet ( Because PD is July , 2007)

6)Got reply from USCIS that says my I-1485 is in EB3 category not in EB2.

7) I told to my Attorney then NOW, he submitted  interfiling with old & new I-140 approvals & I-1485  copies.



Here is my Question ,

1) Can I get GC  even we did late interfiling ?


Did USCIS allocate visa to I-1485 applications before they announce Oct 2013 bulletin? 



Thank you,



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