H1b denied and stem extension ending soon


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I got denial for my H1b on august 29th, My denial reason was employer employee relationship, there was no client letter or email from the client that they could not provide client letter, this might be the primary reason for denial. I submitted all the relevant documents like badge, hierarchy, timesheets from the client but it didn't work.


My stem extension expires on november 18th.


I had applied for motion to reconsider, this time the client said he will be providing the client letter. I am worried if the motion to reconsider gets rejected, what are my chances of working in USA. The project i am working is a long term project.


I have few questions can the moderators help me in this regard.


1)If motion to reconsider gets denied, will i am going to have 60 days grace period after november 18th or will i be out of status.

2)If i have the grace period, will i be legally allowed to work in this grace period.

3)There are some universities which gives cpt from day 1, What consideration should i choose while selecting this universities, so that it doesn't affect my future h1b application.

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