H1b Cap Exempt and Time left out in old H1B?


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Hi All


H1B - Nov 2006 - Oct 2007 - 1 Year


Stayed in India - 1 Year 3 Months


L1B - Apr 2009 - Till Date  - 4 Years


If i use my old H1 now i may be getting 6 - (H1+L1A) i.e 6 -(1+4) = 5 years


My Question is if i stay outside US for an year and use my old H1 petition whether i'll be getting 5 Years in Cap Exempt




If you use your old H1B petition you would get 1 year.

I believe no. An employer has to file a cap subject H1B petition after you stayed out of US for 1 year.

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