Successful H4 to H1 stamping without US degree @ Vancouver on 3rd Sep


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First of all thanks to all who shared their experiences here.


I would like to share my visa experience.


I'm on EVC model. This is for first time status change from H4 to H1. 

I have done masters in India with non-comp science background. 

Also changed my Employer after 8 months with the first employer and currently spent 6 months with the new employer.


Counter # 3: A middle aged officer  


How long you been working for this xxx employer?(xxx Months)

Who is you end client?(XXXX)

Where do you work?(XXXX)

Where did you work before?(previous clients)

What do you do at your clients place?

So you were on h4 earlier. Give me your staus change I94?

Tell me abt your education background? What was your major?( I am from non-IT background with masters in India, carried education evaluation, but was not asked)

Which year did you graduate?

Give me your paystubs with current xxx employer

Give me your LCA and W2



Final words APPROVED



Carry all documents.... Be Confident....That is the only success mantra.

Good luck to all 

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