Different A# on I131 Approval notice and 485. Is this normal

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I had an A# on my OPT employemnt auth card back when I was in student status. I am in H1 status and recently applied AOS I485 for my approved i130 with priority date in Aug 2012. Now, my A# written on 130 and others are different. Old was was sequence stating in 137 and now 204.
Is it normal to have different A# on I130 and I485/I765/I131 document. Initially, until the I130, my A# was the same one that I had on my OPT EAD card back 5-6 years ago while I was a student on F1 Visa. After that I changed my status to H1b and filing Green Card based on spouse of Permanet Resident. My I130 had old EAD A# but i485/765 and 131 have new A#.


Also how long is the processing time these days for 485 F2A category.

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