Green card- which category do I come under ?? Please help

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My masters is in Pharmacy (covered under stem categories of masters degrees). I already have a pgdca certification (post graduate diploma in computers - from india)


I have zero years experience in it industry. Started working in financial IT industry since last 6 months. My employer willing to do my green card now.


immigration Lawyer mentioned that I have no eligibility to apply under eb2. - so strictly ruled out. I read online that stem category masters is eligible for eb2.


under eb3, i need to have two years of full time IT experience..  (which i dont have)


Else I will be under non skilled worker category.


with a masters degree i do not wish to apply in non skilled worker category for my green card.


please give me any suggestions/ advice.. 



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Your degree has to be in the field of work.

Since your degree is in something else, it can NOT be used for a GC.


Find a job in the field of your degree.

In the IT industry, you could only go for EB3-Other, i.e., skilled worker. Pretty hard to impossible to get a GC with that.

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