Same employer from career begining IS eligible for EB2?


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I have done my master in April 2009 in US univeristy and I got an oppertunity in comany A as a fresher. accoriding to job requirement when they hiring in 2009 candidate has to be have masters degree.

Almost I have been working with company A for the  past 3 and half years on words. from HR team I got an email recently regarding initiating green card processing If am interested.



Q:- am I eligible to apply for green card in EB2.?


[Masters degree + 3 and half yr exp + Job also have requirement for master degree]


I have been told by one of my friend is that I am not eligible for EB2 because I have 0 experience from previous employer.


Is that true do I need to have exp from previous employer for applying in EB2?


[i am gonna contact lawyer in couple of weeks, before that I just want to confirm from EXPERTS here]



Thanks in advance.



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