H1&H4 Transfer Status


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Iam transferring H1 from employer X to Y.

Employer Y applied for H1 transfer for me and H4 for my wife.


Status online says

For H1

, the 15-day Premium Processing clock stopped on your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER. A notice was sent on this date explaining the specific reason for stopping the premium processing of your case. This notice will contain detailed information on further action required by you. Your premium processing receipt notice contains contact information for direct inquiries on your case.


For H4

 we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I539 APPLICATION TO EXTEND OR CHANGE NONIMMIGRANT STATUS. Please follow any instructions on the notice. If you move before you receive the notice,


Status online says

Is it possible to approve H4 before H1 while transfer.

Let me know the possibilities.



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At the risk of repetition PP implies a Lawyer who has direct contact with the deciding Officer by phone where necessary. It would be futile to guess. Wait for the communication from the Lawyer or ask him. I suspect your H1 petition is held up on a minor technicality and that's why the H4 is approved suggesting yours will be approved too. Have you asked the company Lawyer?

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