Received 2 RFE in a month need help


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I received 2nd RFE in a month and need help.

I could received end client letter but Vendor company provided me with supporting letter. But uscis is requesting more documents to support request for 3 yr extension of stay such as PO, as consulting consultant.


Po was submitted without end date as was not provided by client when joined project.


what dosuments should my employer submit to support case.


Any help will be appreciated.

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When USCIS is asking for evidence about the length of time that is requested on the H1B petition it can be helpful - if possible - to show how long a contract has already been in place, to highlight terms that allow for extensions, to show how long someone has already been at a site, or if other people have previously been at a particular project. Other types of evidence or ways to address such questions from USCIS may be available but usually require discussing the particulars of one's case with an attorney who can provide specific legal advice.

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As some o information is client confidential doubt to receive information " on other resources on project might be unavailable" but again lawyer might be good to answer that as per recommendation.

My purchase order was issued without end date as client needed time to finalize my rolloff date. I am still waiting on final date for roll off.

But recent purchase order has been modified to 25th October.

Due to uncertainty the date is pushed back from September to October and I still don't see any signs of ending before mentioned date.

Thanks for advice will coordinate with attorney

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