H1B - was required W-2 FORM or pay statement, out of status, denied? what is next?


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Hi, I am in tough situation now. 


my H-1B is in process and first time USCIS asked to provide education evaluation why my work is required bachelor degree and now I am asked to provide pay statement or W-2 form from 2012 may to 2013 march under authorized company which is A.

2012/ 05 - laid off company A, having H-1B, wasn't cancelled. valid to 2014/ 03 
2012/07 - start new work at company B, apply H-1B transfer.
2012/11- laid off again, withdraw application
2013/03 - start new work at company C and applied H-1B transfer.

I have W-2 form on 2012 from company A and B. And I don't have pay statement for that period (2012/05~ 2013/03) from company A which USCIS asked and even i don't have any pay check for two month (2013/ 01~02) from anywhere. 

1. is there any possibility my case would get approval?

2. if it won't get an approval, is there any thing I can do?

3. can I apply F1 - ESL class now before my case is denied?


please help me out to get through it. 

thank you

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