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Dear Experts-


I am a faculty on tenure-track in a reputed Public university on H1B into 5th year. I was told that my school has a research incentive for faculty bringing in external fundng to cover their effort. When the incentive was less than 10% of my base salary (reported in LCA) they issued me the incentive without any problem ( after appropriate withholding). Last year and probably this year my incentive eligibility is around 25%. I was told by my Dept. Payroll staff that anything more than 10% may not be permitted on H1B , is this true? If so, is there any other alternative, like asking them to pay it into my retirement benefits?


Thanks for the suggestions in advance.



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This looks like a bonus. The H1 does not prohibit such things.

I don't think the payroll department would know much about the H1.

You may want to discuss this with the staff at the international office. They usually have a person doing H1s for faculty and staff.

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