Am I eligible for EB1 category?

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I started work with my employer from June 2009 in USA with H1b status. Then I went to India in Sep 2011. I worked over there with same employer till April 2013. In mean time my first H1 got expire in Mar 2012, then they filed new H1. With new H1 visa I came to US again in April 2013 and continuing work with this employer. In this whole time I am with only one employer and I am working as a Manager.


Am I eligible for GC-EB1 category as Multinational Manager?

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just because people have worked abroad for 1 yr being a Manager allows them to take advantage of EB1 category...thats the loophole....nothing wrong with OP...nor he is trying to do any just pointing out the system.


Not a loophole.  OP has a legit ground for EB1.  The law says EB1 is for someone who have been a manager abroad and is being transfered to US in a managerial position .    There is nothing illegal

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