H1 Approved. H4 Still valid. Can travel in H4 to India?


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My wife got her H1-B approved last month. She already has stamped H4 visa which will expire next month. Can she travel in H4.


If yes, what if she got a job here. Whether she need to go back to India to get he H1B stamped?. Or just COS will do?.

She can travel to India with out any visa as it is her home country. She can not enter US with an expired visa. But, if she has a H1B approved with a start date of Oct 1st it is better she enters with a H1B visa. If she enters with a unexpired visa H4 visa then her employer has to apply for a COS from H4 to H1B and upon approval she can start working. In this case the employer has to pay again H1B fees. I doubt whether her employer will be willing to do that.

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