H1B approved but i gor I797 with L1 in the subject.


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I currently working on L1 visa with validity till Oct 2014. My H1 is approved with out I94. This is my 4th year in US and I was never in out of status

Today i received H1B Approval copy(I797) from my new employer and the content is below. I am really confused with the subject.

Receipt Date : April 18 2013
Notice Date : June 16 2013
Notice Type : Approval Notice
Class : H1B
Valid From : 10/01/2013 to 11/11/2015

The above blank petition is approved. Petitional approval doesnot authorize the employment or trainin of any specific employee. When a worked is granted L nonimmigrant status based on this petition, he ot she can work for the petitioner. But only as detailed in the individual Form I129 or (129S petiotion for the period authorized.

To Include an individual employee as an intra-company transferee,the particular U.S entity that wished to employee the foreign worker should follow the below that best fits the employee's situation.

If the employee is outside the us and requires a visa the us entity that wishes to employ the foreign worker must complete Form I-129S, Nonimmigrant petition based on Blank L petition. The employee must present the I129S to an american consulate or embassy as part of an L1 visa application.

If the employee is outside the US and is a visa exempt. the US entity that wished to employe the foreign worker must conplete form I129s, Non immigrant petition base on the Blanket L petiotion. If the employee is eligible under US-Canada Free Trade Agreement, the employee may present the I-129s directly at the US port of entry as part of an application for admission in L1 status. Otherwise the entity should file I-129S at the appropirate service center.

If the employee in in the US in other than L1 status and wished to change the status to L1 the US entity wishing to employ the foreign worker must complete a form I-129, Petition for a non immigrant worker and file it as the appropriate service center which processed the original blank petiotion to request a change to L1 status for the worker. These same requirements apply to a request for extension of stay on behalf of an employee who is currently in valid L1 status.

Can you please adivse what actions. Is it my H1 approved with COS? Can i start working from Oct 1st?

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