How long after "No File" on domestic battery "Misdemeanor" case can a greencard holder file for naturalization?


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I was arrested for domestic battery (misdemeanor) Florida Statute # 784.03(1) based on an anonymous call. My spouse filed a legal affidavit with court the next day stating that things were blown out of proportion. Court gave "No File" final case disposition i.e. no charges, no fines, no conditional settlement, no probation.

Greencard application through marriage to US citizen.
| Jan 2011 - Received Conditional Greencard
| May 2013 - Received Permanent Greencard (IR6)
| Aug 2013 - Arrested for domestic battery misdemeanor, Florida Statute # 784.03(1). Final case disposition with "No File" i.e. no charges, no fines, no conditional settlement, no probation.
NOTE: I have a certified copy of the "No File" final case disposition from the court.
| Oct 2013 - Eligible for early filing of N-400 naturalization.

Should I apply for naturalization now or wait? If I wait, then how many months is advisable?

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Thanks pontevecchio. I plan to get an immigration lawyer but what I was looking for was if I should hire one now only to hear that I have to wait for 5 years before filing (period for establishment of good moral character) or would I be able to file now considering that my case is a no file, no fine, no probation case. Just wanted to find from any experiences if there is even a remote possibility of a successful naturalization now or waiting for 5 years is nearly mandatory, before I hire an immigration attorney. Thanks for your reply though. I understand every case is different so I will consult an attorney.

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