Alien Registration Number changed Status for I290B (Motion to Reopen) for denied I485

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I have a case where my I-485 was erroneously denied by USCIS. I had an approved I140, based on which I-485 was filed. I changed my job 12 months after filing of my I-485. At this time my old employed withdrew the I-140 petition. Even though I was eligible to change jobs under AC21, USCIS wrongfully denied I-140 & I-485 petitions.


I consulted my case with several attorneys who assured that my case was clear and there was mistake from USCIS. My attorney then filed I290B (Motion to reopen and reconsider). Within 2 days of receiving the receipt number for I-290B applications, I received an update that my I-290B case was updated with the message as 

"On XXXX , 2013, your Alien Registration Number was changed relating to your I290B, NOTICE OF APPEAL TO THE COMMISSIONER "

My I-485 is still in denied status, I am not sure what this status means

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