Change of Client while H1B transfer is still in process.


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I had to change my client after a Company filed my transfer under regular process.


This is a considerable change as I had to move to a different state.


Should the company file LCA and then amendment now while my H1B transfer is still in process?

Can they just file the LCA and wait for the H1B transfer be approved to file the amendment?


I can ask them to do premium processing now as the regular processing has already taken 3 months and heard some cases are taking upto 6 months just for any H1B transfer.

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Amendment cannot be done during the H1 processing.

Thanks for your response.


Do they have to file LCA? And report it some how to USCIS? Or just file an amendment when the H1B transfer is approved?


They have warned against premium processing at this stage because there is a change of client. Can I still opt for premium processing and not cause any harm to the pending H1B transfer process? Please suggest.

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