H1-B and H4 statuses approved on same date


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I have a question that I hope someone can address.


I was on H1-B which was valid till July 31 2013. To ensure that I maintain my status, I requested a change of status to H4 before my H1-B status expired.


During the month of Aug, I received a new job offer. My new H1-B was filed with premium processing.


A few days ago, I checked my case statuses online and I found out that both my H1-B and H4 were approved on same date.


  • I am confused as to what my current status is? Is it H1-B or H4?
  • Since I haven't started working am I on H-4?
  • If I decide not to accept the job will I remain at H-4 or will I have to file a new change of status application?





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